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Weyland-Yutani Corp generic business card by eaglespear Weyland-Yutani Corp generic business card by eaglespear
Hearty gratitude to Discretos ( [link] ) for his original WY logo modified with Carter Burke's business card details but not his name
eaglespear Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
The fonts used by James Cameron in Aliens 2 are being exhaustively researched.
So far at, experts have identified the top font "Weyland-Yutani Corp" as MicrogammaD Bold and the "Building Better Worlds" as Letraset Transmission. Eurostile#2 is a skinnier twin of MicrogammaD and can be used as a suitable substitute except for purists (the same purists that jihadically argue AvP isn't canon and shouldn't be counted*)

They were dry transfer fonts used by layout designers and pressman (this film was released in 1986 and electronic publishing was a term reserved for Xerox).

So far and this isn't authoritative, I've only determined that Letraset merged and absorbed with other companies and some of the Letraset typeface artisans founded their own company ITC which has preserved some of the original Letraset fonts in their original name when they have the legal right to do so or "re-released" the fonts with new names either slightly modified to avoid murky legal claims or in some instances legal loopholes allow them to keep the typeface but not the name.

Some instances, they've altered the font enough to avoid legal claims while preserving much of the familiar look.

I've found numerous photos of Letraset Transmission and even low res glyph sheets and prepared to just learn how to make typefaces if necessary once I find a decent sample sheet of it.

* The Alien(s) franchise was dying off from lack of interest and by declining ticket sales after Aliens 1986. According to articles and numerous commentary's from the Alien3 film, the entire franchise was in danger including canceling filming of Alien3 in fear of the film turning into a loser. Most of the principals of Alien3 are apologetic when describing the entire experience and feel vindicated by the fan communities embrace. The 4th installment Alien Resurrection was also disappointing in terms of ticket sales and was seemingly viewed by just subscribers of the franchise with a sense of obligation to watch it.

The Aliens vs. Predator series however, reinvigorated interest in both franchises and proves that mergers can serve a purpose either in nature or commercial film. Ridley Scott and Prometheus have benefitted from fan heat stoked by AvP and new fans who never would've seen an Alien if they didn't happen to catch it on TnT on a Monday morning at 4:00 AM.

The nerdisticians who insist AvP isn't canon and shouldn't be incorporated into the overall timeline should be grateful for the AvP series.
HilaryS Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Thanks for the info! I'm making a logo for someone who wants the logotype to resemble the Weyland-Yutani logo. :)
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November 27, 2012
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